Thursday, July 28, 2011

Show and Tell: Etsy Shop Kits

Some of my shop kits are coming up on Etsy and I wanted to show them to you, and promote those shops at the same time, because I'm cool like that :)

1)  Camille Montgomery - handmade treasures such as wooden frames, tables, and other home decor
2)  Links To Your Heart - handcrafted personalised adornments and charms
3)  Kisses and Kings - hooded towels for girls and boys
4)  Magpie and Butterfly - unique ceramic tiles
5)  Uncommon Vintage - vintage jewellery, accessories and housewares

I think these shopkeepers chose their sets really well.  Sheri of Links To Your Heart customised hers even further to reflect her brand and products.  Alicia of Magpie and Butterfly asked for custom work on hers and we added a pretty magpie to the butterfly design.

I'm just loving making these shop kits and I'm glad that fellow Etsians are enjoying them too!

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