Thursday, September 8, 2011

Custom Blog and Website Designs

Custom work has kept me very busy lately.  I've been working closely with the lovely craft and jewellery artisan Miss Bohemia on her website header, blog template, business card and jewellery cards.  It's been a really amazing project to be part of from the start.  Jen and I are in contact almost daily and collaborate very well.  She knows what she wants for her brand and I create samples for her to review.  The result is amazing.  While she has a professional blog linked to her website, she also has a more personal one that we just finished designing, based on my Fairy Godmother's Boudoir series.  

You can sneak a peek at Miss Bohemia's blog here,  and you can read about the other designs I created for her in my Artsy Biz Chick post: Creating A Custom Look For Your Art Biz.

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