Monday, October 3, 2011

Dixie May's First Year In Her Forever Home

One year ago, I fell in love with a dog at the animal shelter.  As a family, we had talked about bringing in a new addition for some time and felt that when the right one came along, we'd know.  A few short visits with her was all it took for me...  

Her name is Dixie.  She loves her backyard and following Papa around in the garden.  When I'm working, she naps and lets me know when it's time to take a snack break.  And when I'm having a flare up and need to linger in bed a little longer, she cuddles close until I'm ready to face the day.  Our girls both have their own little habits with her too.    

We love her to bits and it feels like we've always had her.  Even the cats have adjusted well to her nosey, friendly nudges.  Here's a picture, taken on the first anniversary of the day we brought her home.  

As I write this, it's late at night and I can hear her snoring on my bed.  I still giggle every time.

Sweet dreams, Dixie May :-)

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  1. I know this is a really delayed comment, but I only recently discovered your blog and your wonderful designs :)
    Just had to say how awesome it was to read this post about Dixie May - she is beautiful and I'm so happy she has a forever home with you.
    Bronwen x


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