Saturday, October 1, 2011

Art Made From the Heart

When I first began designing digital supplies, I was very business-minded and focused on creating items that were based on current trends.  I'd study Etsy's best sellers, trendy colours, and special Holidays.  As time has passed, I've shifted my focus a little.  

I find myself creating better when I do so from an intuitive place than a marketing perspective.  I prefer to follow my heart first and the market second.    It's important to keep the business end in the back of one's mind when you are actually selling art to make a living, but your art will sell itself ten times over if it's done from a place that is pure and inspired.

An example of following my heart is this latest collection.  The current trend is towards the upcoming Holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and, of course, Christmas.  But when I found an entire resource of vintage mushroom illustrations, I was compelled to use them.  So while I still keep some Holiday marketing tactics in mind (because that's what buyers are looking for), I satisfy my own drive for inspired creativity.  Here is the result:

You can see more like these on my Facebook page.  These were purely for me, but if anyone else enjoys them, I'm all the more happy.  My intuition never steers me wrong.  I hope you follow yours too in your art and in your daily life.

Well, on to other projects.  Have a wonderful, artful week :-)

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