Monday, March 19, 2012

My Perfectly Shabby Home Office

Well, the office makeover is pretty much finished :-)  I'm exhausted but happy!  I'm also glad to be settled back in so that I can get back to work.  There are a few minor details yet to complete, but these will get done in time.

My goal was to redecorate without spending alot of money.  I used ideas I found on Pinterest, with lots of things I already had.  That's the great thing about going with a shabby chic look!  

I don't like clutter, so I decided to have only one shelf in the room for decorative accents.  It holds a few frames and a mirror that I painted white, Mason jars that I tinted pink (here's the tutorial in case you want to try it), and a few other items that I cherish (like the little crowned birdie I received as a gift from a family friend I hadn't met yet).

The room is fairly small, and doubles as a guest room so I kept the twin size bed (it's perfect for working on sometimes instead of sitting at the desk).  I also removed the door and put up curtains.  I chose a few dictionary page prints that I made and hung them above the chair.

  My main work station consists of a shabby little table I've had for years and still absolutely love.  It's just big enough to fit my computer and drawing tablet, as well as a few necessities.  I purchased a small lamp with a blue lampshade for added colour.  Above it, I have a very inexpensive reproduction print of Vincent Van Gogh's 'La Chambre De L'artiste'.

In the other corner of the room, opposite the entrance and daybed, I have another desk and a dresser for storage (which I've had since childhood).  This is where I make my jewellery, proof and trim prints, etc. (This is also the wall where last week's freebie prints are hung.)

I've kept only the furnishings that I absolutely needed to make the room practical and as spacious as possible.  Since this is a work space, it doesn't take much for it to look cluttered, so keeping the colours light and the walls and surfaces clutter-free were important to me.

I chose a very light green for the walls, and when the sun shines in through the small window, they appear more buttery and yellow, which I love.  The floor is still the shabby painted boards that we never refinished after pulling out the carpet, so I just added a small area rug in the centre of the room.

The only remaining decor element is the fabric.  I'd like to have curtains for the storage closet in a cottage floral and coordinating pillow cases and cushions for the daybed.  I've started to look for these but haven't found the perfect pattern yet.  I'm hoping to combine blues, pinks and greens and textures like the ones here. 

It's an absolute delight for me to work in this room.  Even on cloudy days, the room seems bright and sunny!  And all I needed was a little bit of paint and some fabric.  Now the room feels like a whole new space but with an old, shabby feel.  It's perfect.

Thanks for sharing this little project with me and for all the great comments and best wishes.  See you soon!

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  1. Hi Debbie-Anne
    Your home office looks absolutely beautiful! Just the kind of place to be inspired.
    I popped over to let you know that I have a little award for you over on my blog.
    Bronwen =)

  2. Those are beautiful colors and textures. It reminds me of a turn of the century farmhouse. When things were simple and honest and true (at least that's how it is in my mind)!!!!. And those tinted mason jars are a great idea. As I have one or two ...I mean a dozen laying around here I think I might try that.

  3. Good morning Debbie, Wow is all I can say!! Beautiful, sunny and just adorable. GOOD JOB and what a fabulous place to work!! Love your blog and all your freebies. Someday I'll have an office to decorate :) xxRo


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