Thursday, March 15, 2012

Weekly Freebie and Office Makeover Update

Well, this has been an exhausting week.  It's been awhile since I've done some home decorating and painting - I'd forgotten how much work it really was!  But I'm pleased to report that the walls are painted, the furniture is in place and it's (almost) business as usual :-)  I've still got alot of organising to do and some final touches to add to the decor.  I will have pics for you very soon.

In the meantime, a freebie.  I'm giving you printables of the images I just made for my wall.  They are part of an inexpensive wall art project I just finished.  First, I covered 6 stretched canvas frames with vintage dictionary paper.  Then on three of them I added a 5x7 print that I designed using the accent colours I wanted for the room:

I'm pretty happy with the results.  What do you think?  I thought you might want these for your own projects, so here they are:

For Personal Use Only

Well, I've got lots to do still.  I will see you back here next week with another update!

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  1. Debbie, these are gorgeous!!! Thanks for the inspiration! I will be looking for some inexpensive art for the guest room we are redecorating. I have to get the old wallpaper down first,lol. It is a lot of work but you will love your new room when you can sit back and say I did it myself! Plus you get to say you designed your own works of art. Have a great day.

    1. Thanks Patti, this is so true. It's really gratifying and more enjoyable to be in a space you create yourself :-) Good luck with your guest room!

  2. These are beautiful, Debbie -- thank you so much. I am so grateful to Patti P. for pointing me in your direction. Enjoy your gorgeous art work in your freshly painted room.

  3. Those are beautiful! I am so glad you gave me an idea on how to use them also. My son and daughter in law live in Chicago and as a newly married couple they are still in the decorating phase. Now I now what I can make to send them!! Thanks Again.

  4. Very cute idea. Now I want to redo my work room!! Teal is my new favorite color, and I loved that butterfly too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Maybe you already know but there are lots of craft blogs that let you link up your craft projects to theirs on certain days of the week. It's a chance to get some extra exposure. Here are a few that I follow.

  6. These are beautiful! Thanks so much for the wonderful freebie, and congrats on your workspace overhaul. I can't wait to see more photos! =)

  7. Wow Debbie. I just discovered your blog. Your work is stunning. Thank you for all your generous freebies. ~ Abby

  8. I'm glad you all like these; they brightened up my wall nicely, so I wanted to share them :-)


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