Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Journal Add-Ons and Guest Video

It was a very busy week in the design studio!  Most of my time was devoted to create add-ons for the printable journal kits I recently launched on my website and on Etsy.  Here's what's brand new:

Butterfly Kisses Lined Pages

Butterfly Kisses Card and Folder Insert

Shabby Birdie Large Pocket

Secret Garden Double-sided Pocket

Chic Boudoir Lined Insert

Shabby N' Chic Lined Insert and Cards

Plus, my wonderful Etsy friend Lisa, made a video of her precious 'Butterfly Kisses' journal that she is currently assembling using my printable kit.  It's posted on my YouTube Channel (if not visible below).

I love all the unique touches Lisa's added to each page as well as the great tips for distressing and cutting etc.  The Butterfly Kisses was a very meaningful project created for her and I can see the love she has poured into it.  Thanks again for sharing, Lisa!  Your ideas will surely inspire others.


Journals are so personal, and nothing makes me happier than to see how they come together differently for everyone.  My tutorials are just guidelines to help you get started, the rest is all you.  And you rock!  So please share your pics and videos and help spark someone's else's imagination!

See you next week xo.

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