Thursday, July 19, 2012

Free Printable of the Week: Square Notepad Pages

I'm one of those people who can't remember more than three things on a list :-(  I've got lists everywhere, and for every occasion:  chore list, grocery list, new-designs-to-make list, who-to-email today list, and make-a-list list...if I don't write it down, it's gone.
So today I made these little square note pages for you (but mostly for me, haha!).  I'm going to print mine on both sides of the paper, several times and then punch holes at the top and insert small binder rings.  What a cute litte notepad this will make (I know a loved one or two who'd really like this as a gift)!  I'll probably end up using them on my office cork board and fridge too.

Free for personal use only

So make sure to put this printable on your list of things-to-print-and-use.  Enjoy :-)

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  1. Love theses....I need lots of note pads as my memory is what was I saying?? lol.
    thanks so much, Patti

  2. I love the vintage look...thanks debbie.


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