Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Shabby N' Chic Journal Comes To Life!

The greatest joy in my art journey is seeing my design supplies come to life through the creativity and talent of others.  Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this video by Mariko, who received the Shabby N' Chic printable journal kit from her friend Rhonda who purchased it from me earlier this Fall (apparently this is Mariko's first try at making a junk journal, but you can't tell from how beautifully she assembled it!)

Not only is this journal created with my kit, but it also contains coordinated pages and elements from other suppliers that Mariko has combined in a wonderful way.  I love all the creative little touches she's added, including the paper clips, and the way she's used the pockets, etc.

I thought I'd share the video with you to spark your imagination and show you how the kits can be used in unique ways.  Enjoy!

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