Thursday, May 16, 2013

Free Printable - Whimsical Time Fairies

It's freebie day, and I've got time pieces on the brain.  Let me first tell you why.

On my way home from driving my daughter to school the other day, I took a detour and stopped in at a small antiques/thrift store just down the street from my house.  I knew that they had recently relocated a few doors down from their original, smaller space so this meant they'd have more stuff.  And did they ever!

The new owner is a lovely lady who seems to love every single item she has in the store and knows where everything is.  I probably could have spent many hours in there, chatting with her and finding more treasures to bring home.  But there were a few things I had in mind in my search so I stuck to those for this visit, with a few unexpected finds as well.

What I wanted were some old watches for making altered art.  I came away with a bag full of gorgeous timepieces with different styles and sizes of faces and bracelets.

I also wanted some old house/car keys.  She only had a few in stock at the moment; this skeleton key had to come home with me.

Finally, I wanted some pretty glass dishes or jars to hold jewellery findings, buttons or beads when I'm making journal charms, etc.  This tiered candle holder was just too sweet to pass up.  I also found a little votive candleholder not pictured here.

As for the delightful surprise items, I found a gorgeous English dictionary that I couldn't pass up.  It has those indented, round alphabetical tabs on the pages.  It was love at first sight.

I also had to have these three cups and saucers to complete my shabby chic decor.  They will also be used to hold craft supplies while I work on a project.

So all in all, I did really well!  I found some gorgeous treasures and finally completed my art room decor, after a year of careful planning and organising.  Everything is in its place and looking very chic!  Plus, I have a great stash of watch parts to play with.

Which brings us back full circle to your freebie.  These little time fairies just sort of happened over coffee this morning as gazed at my new thrift store treasures.  Use these cards in your journals, as gift cards, etc.

For Personal Use Only

I hope you'll find a project that's perfect for these whimsical wings!  Be sure to forward to your crafty friends also.

Once again, I'm so happy you stopped by.  I hope to see you here next week :-)

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  1. Thanks so much...time seems to have a way of flying by, especially when trying to steal some crafting minutes.

  2. Great finds! And I love the freebie! It's just what I need for a project I'm working right now! Thanks!

  3. Wow, you scored big time! Such cute stuff!

  4. cute cute finds you got and thanks for the timeless fairys very nice. thanks for sharing God Bless.

  5. OW...Such fabulous finds.. That wee shop sounds fabulous.. Gorgeous glass jar & cups... Thank you so much for the amazing image too... Hugs May x x x


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