Thursday, May 23, 2013

Soul Snippet: A Mini Tour of My Art Room

A little over a year ago, I shared some pictures with you of the budget transformation I had begun in my home office/art room.  It was being done without spending alot of money and by repurposing furniture and items.

Well the room has evolved since that blog post last March, and I'm happy to say that it is finally done!

Everything is in its place, and I have all my favourites things to spark my creativity (including all the treasures I showed you from the antiques store visit last week).  Of course there are days where it is an absolute mess, but they're always happy messes!

I made a slideshow for you.  If you want to watch it, go grab yourself a cup of tea, then sit back and enjoy this mini tour of my humble little craft room.

I hope you have a happy little corner where you can be creative. Thanks for visiting mine!

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  1. What a lovely room! It's so serene. Enjoy!

  2. gorgeous room filled with beautiful creativity, happy crafting.
    Chris x
    ps Thanks for the freebie below.

  3. Love it! What a cool room to be inspired in. I really love that owl!!! Swoon. I love birds, especially owls. I photograph the migratory birds that come here every May. You can see my photos on my blog: and if click on "birds and nature" under the label tab it will bring up those posts - but there may be cards and mixed media works in the same post. I just work down in the basement which I call my "lower studio"!!!


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