Thursday, August 15, 2013

Surprise Guest Designer Project - The Carnival Fairy Romance Continues...

There's something about the circus and carnivals that ignites the imagination. When I created the Garden Carnival kit, I was carried away by whimsy and wonder, and each new image delighted the child in me. (If you missed my trailer, you can watch it here.)

Someone who really, really loves the circus is none other than Ellen Bee. As if she hadn't rocked our world enough with her previous projects, she's back with the continuing story of Vinni Bombo and Jillian Rose Baily!!

Ellen Bee brought us to tears with her project in June; the trinket box filled with postcards sent to Jillian Rose by Vinni - the travelling circus performer, broke my heart. (Here's that blog post, in case you missed it.)

In fact, she inspired me to write the ending of the story in an accompanying add-on kit that I call The Lost Letters.  It contains letters by Jillian, back to her beau Vinni while they are apart. Other clues in the kit tell us a bit more about the pair and whether or not their romance has a happy ending.

There is much more to their fairy tale so if you're ready, here is the amazing Ellen Bee and Part 2 of her Circus Love Story.

To see more pics, please head over to her blog The Women's Waiting Room and give the lady some love. And if it helps dry your tears, Ellen doesn't give the whole story away...there could always be more :-)

I'm so proud of this collaboration with her, and I'm happy if you enjoyed it too. She has brought this kit to life in a way I never imagined, and I love her for it! Big bear hugs to you, Ellen Bee.

The Garden Carnival Kit and Lost Letters are both available at Ephemera's Vintage Garden.

Thank you so much for visiting, it means the world to me xo.

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