Saturday, January 25, 2014

Explaining Personal Use vs. Commercial Use Printables

I often get emails from people who want to know about using the freebies I offer on this blog every week. The questions relate to what the difference is between personal use and commercial use. The freebies are typically 'Personal Use Only' so I thought I'd clarify this for everyone, in case you were wondering.  You'll see the disclaimer below on them every week:

1- What does 'Personal Use' mean?

My freebies are made for you to use in craft projects that you keep for yourself or make as gifts. You can also use them in creations that you donate to charities in your community. They are not to be used in artwork, crafts or digitals that you sell. I have over 260 digital sheets and sets in my shop that are for small commercial use and you're welcome to use those in all kinds of items for selling (you can read my commercial use terms here).
2- Can I purchase a license to use the freebies in my commercial handmade items?

Yes, if there's a freebie sheet that you're inspired by and want to use, you can purchase the small commercial use permission for only $4.00 per sheet.  This is done by contacting me and I'll send you a Paypal invoice for the amount.

3- Can I email or print your freebies and give them to friends?

Yes, you can.  Please note that this does NOT apply to any of the digitals that you purchase from my website or Etsy shop.  Sharing in this manner is only allowed with the free weekly printables on this blog.

There are many reasons why artists have these policies. It can be due in part to the graphics we acquire from other artists and their end user terms, which don't always allow us to take them any further than our own art. There's also the fact that creating freebies takes many hours of creativity and they're given as a token of thanks for supporting the rest of our work. And finally, there's the unfortunate fact that copyright infringement is rampant on the internet and we therefore have to try and establish some boundaries around the work we put out there for others to use.

I hope this helps to explain the terms for using my weekly goodies. If there's something you think I didn't cover here, please email me.

Your support and kind comments on this blog have been so wonderful over the last few years.  I look forward to many more freebie days with you!  Thanks for stopping in.

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  1. I love your freebies Debbie! your work is awesome. I love your work so much that I have a folder full of only your work saved in my PC. I am not a professional crafter and only craft for fun and to gift my loved ones and I have used you freebies as well..I think this post was really necessary coz of the malpractices going on these the same time I hope you will keep on sharing your love with us through your work ...:)


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