Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Heart Journaling Video #4: Secret Journaling

Hi lovelies!  I've created another art journal page where I did some secret journaling. It's a fun way to put words down on a page and have only part of the journaling visible.

Thank you to all of you who have joined me so far for the series.  I appreciate your comments and emails so much and I'm happy to know you're enjoying it.  

See you back there soon!

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  1. Hello Debbie, I am in Prescott, AZ. This is a really sweet and simple journal page. I just was wondering about the pencil you were using. Is it a special art pencil? I'm not much of an artist,...I mostly scrapbook, but I LOVE mixed media and I find myself incorporating it more and more into my scrapbook pages. I look forward to hearing from you when you get a chance.

    1. Hi Marchelle, the pencil is a Stabilo 'All' and I believe it can be found in the art supplies department of your local craft stores, or in art supply stores. It's versatile because it writes on plastic, glass, metal. I love the rich pigment. The set I have has a black, red and white pencil. Thanks for the great question. Happy creating :)

  2. love this page along with the concept of the secret journaling:)


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