Thursday, November 6, 2014

Calling All UK Lovelies :)

Hi everyone, it's me again! Last week, I posted on my Facebook page that I'm looking for a big favour from anyone in the UK, so I decided to post it here as well, hoping some of you will be able to help me out!

I'm on a mission to make myself a Doctor Who junk journal, in which I can record favourite quotes, episodes, characters, etc. Very geeky, yes. But I think it would be lots of fun and something just for me! So here's why I'm addressing all you wonderful British lovelies - I need your UK junk!

Let me explain: I'd like to make up the pages of the journal with any junk mail, menus, theatre programmes, maps, etc that you have, simply because it's from there. Doctor Who and the BBC are British icons and I want my journal to be all British, front to back, top to bottom.

If any of you would be interested in sending me junk, I'd be happy to pay the postage. Here's a list of suggestions:

-tourist pamphlets
-takeaway menus
-bus/trolley maps/schedules
-theatre tickets/stubs/programmes
-postmarked envelopes from your old bills
-of course anything related to Doctor Who, Torchwood, or the BBC would be perfection
-book, telephone, magazine, catalogue, newspaper pages/ads

I've had some wonderful responses already from overseas friends who are sending photos and junk and I can't wait to get started. If you can help, please contact me here so we can go over the details. It would mean so much!

Thank you, and have a great day!

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  1. Hi Debbie!!
    I love Dr. Who and Torchwood!! Every so often I google Torchwood to see if there are any plans to bring it back-lol! I miss Captain Jack Harkness! I'm also a huge Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Outlander fan (just to name a few) so at age 51 I've decided your never too old to be a geeky fan girl:-))
    I have a suggestion for collecting some of the items you need. When I was making a Disney 'Cars' album for my grandson I needed a lot of Route 66 ephemera. I went online and found photos of original postcards, diner menus, tourist pamphlets, etc... I saved the photos, sized them to my project, and printed them onto quality card stock. I did a bit of my own distressing with them to give an authentic feel.
    The album is seriously adorable, but everyone's favorite part are the Route 66 items I used as embellishments.
    I'm making an Outlander album for myself at this very moment and am pouring over the Internet for period ephemera to use as embellishments.
    Good luck with your album!! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

    1. Yay, a fellow fan girl!!! Oh how I love my Captain Jack!!!! I pray Torchwood returns someday...Since I work with digitals so much, I really want to have original ephemera for the base pages. This is to maintain my recycling mission and because UK junk is awesome!!! And then I'll add all my printed goodies, which I'm trying to sift through (copyright use etc.) I plan on sharing videos of my progress on YouTube, hope you'll tune in!


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