Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Doctor Who Journal - Video #2 (My Favourite Regenerations)

Hi gang! It's time to get our geek on! I've started journaling in my Doctor Who book and wanted to share it with you. Here are some photos of the first pages. The topic I chose to start with is the Doctor's ability to regenerate. It's a core concept of the series, a contributing factor to the show's longevity (50 years and counting) and one of my very favourite things about it!

You can also watch my video for details about my favourite regeneration scenes.

So far, so good. I'm having lots of fun and enjoying the idea of going back into past episodes and narrowing down why I love Doctor Who so much. What will I journal about next? WHO knows!!! (Hee hee, see what I did there? :P) 

Thanks for checking in!

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  2. I watched you video a couple of times...I even had hubby watch's amazing and your passion is so heartfelt in your speaking of your book.
    While you were talking about the "Regeneration" process and what you wrote it made me think that we can say that about ourselves as well...we change at various times in our lives and who we were 10 20 30 years ago is not the same as who we are at present. Thank you for sharing your creative passion and I look forward to seeing more of your Dr. Who book.

    1. Thank you so much for this insight. This is exactly why I love Doctor Who so very much. The symbolism and the deep understanding of what it is to be human. All wrapped up in aliens and time travel. What's not to love right? Thanks again, hope to see you here again :)

  3. I just love the Doctor(s)! My daughter started me on it with #9, then she quit after Rory left, but I've been continuing on!


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