Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Now Playing - 'How I Use My Junk Journals'

Hello lovelies!

Junk journals have been very popular for a few years now but many crafters are still baffled about how to create them or even more so, how to use them. I think that perhaps the concept of using 'found' paper items in combination with printables and other designer paper, etc. is difficult to grasp.

Being a tree hugger, I fell in love with junk journal making the moment I discovered it. Recycling old paper/junk and using my current supplies is a marriage made in paper craft heaven!

I've been filling this blog for some time with my junk journal creations and giving you short blurbs of what I use them for. But this past weekend, I decided to put together a short video of a few books that I've used in my daily life. I'm hoping this will shed light on the junk journal obsession and how I live with this affliction every day :D

Have a crafty week!

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  1. What a joy to hear someone else say that they no longer need a calendar journal! Mine has lists and notations that I can go back to. Often phone #s don't go into my directory until the journal is full, no need. When I 1st found your blog, I made a notation and came back to it later.

    There are innumerable reasons for a journal. An old friend had a stroke in his late 20s and it left him just a little nutsy. He worried for years that he wasn't doing anything until a therapist solved his problem. On her suggestion he began carrying a pocket size calendar book that he wrote in what he did every day. No commentary, just the facts. Years later he could grab the appropriate book and remind me when we'd had lunch 5 years before, also where and what we ate. When I 1st saw his system it seemed silly. Eventually I realized his therapist had a brilliant idea that kept him reasonably stable for the rest of his life. I've used the technique now and then myself when life is a tilt-a-whirl. Like you I need visual stimulation so I can't use tiny journals for everyday. Thanks again, Lou

  2. I love your journals. I would like to learn the proper way of making one. Is there a video please with a tutorial? Thanks for the fabulous freebies you share each week. There isn't one that I don't like, your style is my style.

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