Thursday, April 9, 2015

Latest Junk Journal Creations

Hi everyone! Here's the most recent junk journals I made with vintage book covers. I ended up listing them on Etsy right away so that I wouldn't change my mind and keep them. I tend to get attached to these vintage books when they come home with me so it's hard to let them go once I've created a new project. A few are already on their way to good homes, so I'm happy about that. (Warning: lots of photos ahead!)

The first three below were filled with coffee dyed patterned and plain paper and original book pages. I added a few tuck spots and tags as well. The covers didn't need much embellishing, as they were already so beautiful.

And for something different, I made a few with children's books as well. These include vintage flash cards, printables, original book pages and more. They are bound with loose binder rings.

If you're looking for a unique gift, these are a great idea for all kinds of special occasions! You can visit Ephemera's Vintage Garden on Etsy for more info.

Thanks so much!

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